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Ongoing Research Projects
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Crop Improvement Division
  Code: JB1.1  
  Title: Introduction, maintenance, characterization and conservation of jute, mesta and flax germplasm  
  Investigator(s): S. B. Choudhury (w.e.f. Feb. 2011), H. K. Sharma (w.e.f. April 2012), Anil Kumar (w.e.f. 22.11.2012) and Dipnarayan Saha  
  Duration: Long Term  

  Code: JB8.4  
  Title: Breeding for higher fibre yield and quality in Corchorus capsularis.  
  Investigator(s): Jiban Mitra and C. S. Kar  
  Duration: 2009-13  

  Code: JB 8.5  
  Title: Development of improved genotypes of mesta resistant to biotic stress with enhanced fibre yield and quality.  
  Investigator(s): S.K. Pandey, Pratik Satya, H.K. Sharma, S. Satpathy and R.K. De  
  Duration: 2010-15  

  Code: JB 8.9  
  Title: Induction and utilization of mutation in tossa jute(Corchorus olitorius).  
  Investigator(s): S.B. Choudhary, C.S. Kar and H.K. Sharma  
  Duration: 2010-14  

  Code: JB 9.0  
  Title: Identification of good general combiners for fibre yield and quality in roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.)  
  Investigator(s): H.K. Sharma, S.K. Pandey and Pratik Satya  
  Duration: 2010-14  

  Code: JB 9.1  
  Title: Improvement of fibre yield in tossa jute through heterosis breeding.  
  Investigator(s): Anil Kumar, C. S. Kar and J. Mitra  
  Duration: 2011-15  

  Code: JBT 4.1  
  Title: Biotechnology for Jute and Allied Fibres Improvement.  
  Investigator(s): D. Sarkar and P. Satya  
  Duration: 2010-15  

  Code: JB 9.3  
  Title: Towards development of jute transgenics (C. olitorius and C. capsularis) tolerant to biotic and abiotic stress tolerance for enhanced production at sustainable scale.  
  Investigator(s): A. B. Mandal and Kanti Meena  
  Duration: 2012-17  

  Code: JB 9.2  
  Title: QTL mapping for fibre quality in tossa jute.  
  Investigator(s): S. B. Choudhary, P. G. Karmakar, D. Sarkar, H. K. Sharma, Kanti Meena, Amit Bera and H. Bhandari  
  Duration: 2012-15  

  Code: JAFSP 2.3  
  Title: Investigation on breeding behavior and mechanism of self-incompatibility in sunnhemp.  
  Investigator(s): H. Bhandari (upto 01.01.2014), Maruti R.T. (w.e.f 02.01.2014 as PI), S.K.Pandey, Babita Chaudhary and S.K. Sarkar  
  Duration: 2013-16  

  Code: JBT 4.2  
  Title: In vitro culture to develop productive doubled haploid lines in capsularis jute with premium quality to attain farm prosperity.  
  Investigator(s): Kanti Meena, A. B. Mandal and R.K.De  
  Duration: 2013-16  

  Code: JST 6.0  
  Title: Estimation of competition effects in Jute-Mungbean intercropping system.  
  Investigator(s): A.K. Chakraborty and A. K. Ghorai  
  Duration: 2013-15  

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Crop Production Division
  Code: JA 6.4  
  Title: Studies on combined efficacy of plant extracts with synthetic insecticides and fungicides against pest and diseases of jute and mesta.  
  Investigator(s): H. Chowdhury, S. K. Sarkar, R. K. De and K. Selvaraj  
  Duration: 2012-16  

  Code: JA 5.6  
  Title: Assessment of productivity and nutrient management for selected jute based cropping system.  
  Investigator(s): M. Kumar, A.K. Ghorai and S. Mitra  
  Duration: 2011-16  

  Code: JC 5.6a  
  Title: Long term effect of ST-TY equation based INM on yield, value addition, nutrient budgeting and quality of soil under jute-rice-lentil sequence.  
  Investigator(s): A.R. Saha, B. Majumdar and Sonali Paul Majundar (w.e.f. 22.08.2013)  
  Duration: 2010-14  

  Code: SLC 1.3  
  Title: Use of micro-irrigation method and micro-nutrients to improve fibre yields and water use efficiency of sisal.  
  Investigator(s): D. K. Kundu, S. Sarkar, A. R. Saha and A.K.Jha  
  Duration: 2011-15  

  Code: JA 6.4  
  Title: Phosphorus distribution and availability in an inceptisol under intensive cultivation of jute rice-wheat cropping system.  
  Investigator(s): Sonali Paul Mazumdar, A.R. Saha and D.K. Kundu  
  Duration: 2013-16  
  Code: JA 6.5  
  Title: Water productivity evaluation of jute genotypes under changing climatic scenario.  
  Investigator(s): D. Barman, D. K. Kundu, A. K. Ghorai and S. Mitra  
  Duration: 2012-15  

  Code: JA 6.6  
  Title: Effect of sulphur and potassium application on yield and quality of jute seed.  
  Investigator(s): Amarpreet Singh, Mukesh Kumar, Sonali P. Majumdar, Amit Bera and D. K. Kundu  
  Duration: 2013-16  

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Crop Protection Division
  Code: JE 1.1  
  Title: Integrated management of kenaf pests with special reference to mealy bug.  
  Investigator(s): S. Satpathy and B.S. Gotyal (w.e.f. April, 2012)  
  Duration: 2009-14  

  Code: JM 8.0  
  Title: Management of stem rot disease of jute.  
  Investigator(s): R. K. De, Chinmay Biswas and S. K. Sarkar  
  Duration: 2009-14  

  Code: JE 1.2  
  Title: Identifying the sources and mechanism of resistance against major pests of jute.  
  Investigator(s): B. S. Gotyal and S. Satpathy  
  Duration: 2010-14  

  Code: JE 1.3  
  Title: Ecology and management of jute hairy caterpillar Spilosoma obliqua Walker.  
  Investigator(s): K.Selvaraj, (w.e.f. April, 2012) S. Satpathy and B. S. Gotyal  
  Duration: 2011-13  

  Code: JE 1.4  
  Title: Determination of single and multiple pests economic injury levels in jute.  
  Investigator(s): K. Selvaraj and B.S.Gotyal  
  Duration: 2012-14  

  Code: JM 8.1  
  Title: Studies on Beauveria bassiana for managing jute pests and diseases.  
  Investigator(s): Chinmay Biswas, S. Satpathy and B. S. Gotyal  
  Duration: 2010-14  

  Code: JM 8.4  
  Title: Exploitation of Potential Bio-agents and PGPR for Bio-management of Stem Rot and Growth Promotion of Jute.  
  Investigator(s): A. N. Tripathi, R. K. De and S. K. Sarkar  
  Duration: 2012-16  

  Code: JE 1.5  
  Title: Iidentification of Bacillus thuringiensis (berliner) isolates for management of major lepidopteran pests of jute.  
  Investigator(s): V. Ramesh Babu, B. S. Gotyal, K. Selvaraj and S. P. Gawande  
  Duration: 2012-16  

  Code: JM 8.3  
  Title: Studies on variability of Macrophomina phaseolina infecting jute and mesta.  
  Investigator(s): R. K. De, A. N. Tripathi and C. S. Kar  
  Duration: 2012-17  

  Code: JM 8.5  
  Title: Basic studies to understand process of stem rot disease development in jute.  
  Investigator(s): Kunal Mandal, Chinmay Biswas and C. S. Kar  
  Duration: 2013-15  

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Agricultural Extension
  Code: JEXA 4.7  
  Title: Frontline demonstrations on jute under Mini Mission-II of Jute Technology Mission.  
  Investigator(s): Shailesh Kumar, Shamna A., S. Sarkar (w.e.f. 1.12.2012) and S.K.Jha (w.e.f. 16.01.2013)  
  Duration: 2007-14  

  Code: JEXA 4.8  
  Title: Assessment of jute based multiple cropping sequences in farmers’ fields of major jute growing districts of West Bengal.  
  Investigator(s): S.K.Jha, Shamna, A., S.Kumar and S. Sarkar (w.e.f. 1.12.12)  
  Duration: 2009-14  

  Code: JEXA 5.1  
  Title: Attitude and perception of farmers towards ICT based extension.  
  Investigator(s): Shamna A and A.K. Chakrabarty  
  Duration: 2013-15  

  Code: JEXA 5.2  
  Title: Studies on performance of newer olitorius jute varieties in farmers’ fields of five districts of West Bengal.  
  Investigator(s): S. Sarkar, S.K. Jha, S. Kumar, Shamna, A, B. Majumdar, C. Biswas and B.S. Gotyal  
  Duration: Apr. 2013 - Dec. 2014  

[Improvement] [Production] [Protection]  [Extension]  [Research Stations]  [Externally Funded] [TMJ] [TOP

Sunnhemp Research Station, Pratapgarh
  Code: SNH 1.6  
  Title: Residual effect of sunnhemp on wheat in rice-wheat cropping system.  
  Investigator(s): M.K.Tripathi (PI)  
  Duration: 2010-14  

  Code: SNHA 2.0  
  Title: Effect of NPK on growth and yield of Flax (Linum usitatissimum L.)  
  Investigator(s): M.K.Tripathi and Babita Chaudhary  
  Duration: 2010-14  

  Code: SNHB 1.8  
  Title: Breeding of flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) for high yield and superior fibre.  
  Investigator(s): Babita Chaudhary, H. Bhandari and M.K.Tripathi  
  Duration: 2011-16  

  Code: SNHB 1.9  
  Title: Population improvement of sunnhemp (Crotalaria juncea L.) for fibre yield.  
  Investigator(s): Babita Chaudhary, S. K. Pandey and M.K.Tripathi  
  Duration: 2011-16  

Sisal Research Station, Bamra
  Code: SLC 1.4  
  Title: Feasibility of growing annual intercrops in sisal plantation in plateau region of India.  
  Investigator(s): S. Sarkar, D. K. Kundu, A. R. Saha, B. Majumdar and A.K.Jha  
  Duration: 2011-14  

  Code: SLM 1.0  
  Title: Studies on disease distribution, intensity and identification of sources of resistance against Phytophthora spp. causing zebra disease of sisal (Agave sisalana).  
  Investigator(s): A. K. Jha, S. Sarkar and R.K. De  
  Duration: 2012-14  

Ramie Research Station, Sorbhog
  Code: RB 1.0  
  Title: Collection, maintenance and evaluation of ramie germplasm.  
  Investigator(s): A.K. Sharma and S. P. Gowande  
  Duration: Long Term  

  Code: RB 2.4  
  Title: Development of high yielding genotypes with enhanced fibre quality through hybridization.  
  Investigator(s): A.K. Sharma, P. Satya, K. Salvaraj and S. P. Gowande  
  Duration: Long Term  

  Code: RBM 2.5  
  Title: Indexing and identification of diseases and insect pests of ramie and development of IPM module.  
  Investigator(s): S. P. Gowande, B.S. Gotyal, A. N. Tripathi and A.K. Sharma  
  Duration: Long Term  

Central Seed Research Station For Jute And Allied Fibres, Budbud
  Code: BSP 1.0  
  Title: Breeder seed production of jute, mesta and sunnhemp.  
  Investigator(s): C. S. Kar, A. Bera and H. R. Bhandari  
  Duration: Long Term  

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  Externally Funded Projects  
  Code: MSP  
  Title: Seed production in agricultural crops and fisheries.  
  Investigator(s): C. S. Kar (PI)  
  Duration: 20dd-dd  

  Code: DAC  
  Title: Protection of jute varieties and DUS testing  
  Investigator(s): J. Mitra (PI)  
  Duration: 20dd-dd  

  Code: NFBSFARA  
  Title: Genomics for augmenting fibre quality improvement in jute.  
  Investigator(s): D. Sarkar (PI)  
  Duration: 20dd-dd  

  Code: NFBSFARA  
  Title: Understanding biosynthesis and genetics of gum content in ramie (Boehmeria nivea) for developing low gum genotypes.  
  Investigator(s): P. Satya (PI)  
  Duration: 2012-16  

  Code: DBT  
  Title: Genetic analysis of resistance to stem rot in Jute.  
  Investigator(s): P. Satya (PI)  
  Duration: 2012-15  

  Code: RKVY, Component-I  
  Title: Hybrid jute technology development for higher productivity.  
  Investigator(s): P. Satya (PI)  
  Duration: 20dd-dd  

  Code: RKVY, Component-II  
  Title: Production of quality jute seed.  
  Investigator(s): C. S. Kar (PI)  
  Duration: 20dd-dd  

  Code: JTM MM-II  
  Title: Adaptive research on jute seed production in West Bengal.  
  Investigator(s): C. S. Kar (PI)  
  Duration: 20dd-dd  

  Code: DST  
  Title: Jute seed production in West Bengal: Exploring a new horizon.  
  Investigator(s): A. Bera (PI)  
  Duration: 20dd-dd  

  Code: JC 5.2  
  Title: To study changes in soil quality, crop productivity and sustainability under jute-rice-wheat cropping system (LTFE) [formerly JC 8.0 initiated in April 1971].  
  Investigator(s): D.K. Kundu (w.e.f.29.01.2013, A.R.Saha, A.K. Ghorai, B. Majumdar and Sonali Paul Majumdar  
  Duration: Long Term  

  Code: JC 5.6  
  Title: Soil test and resource based integrated plant nutrient supply system for sustainable agriculture (AICRP).  
  Investigator(s): A.R. Saha, B. Majumdar and Sonali Paul Majundar (w.e.f. 22.08.2013)  
  Duration: Long Term  

  Code: RKVY  
  Title: Geo-spatial approach to study of agri-horti intercropping model in red and laterite zone of West Bengal.  
  Investigator(s): D. Barman (PI)  
  Duration: 20dd-dd  

  Code: BRNS  
  Title: A study on the influence of species and sulphur levels on yield, sulfur-use efficiency and changes in different forms of sulphur in jute and mesta using (35S) tracer.  
  Investigator(s): Sonali Paul Majumder (PI)  
  Duration: 20dd-dd  

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  Technology Mission on Jute  
  Code: TMJ 1.0  
  Title: Developmemt of High yielding and better quality jute genotypes by integrating convention and advanced strategies.  
  Investigator(s): P. Satya (PI), Dr. A. B. Mandal, Dr. S. B. Choudhary, Dr. H. K. Sharma, Dr. Kanti Meena  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ 2.0  
  Title: Genetic enhancement of jute and mesta for drought response and fibre quality.  
  Investigator(s): Jiban Mitra (PI); C. S. Kar; S. B. Choudhary; H. K. Sharma; S. K. Pandey and A. K. Jha  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ 3.0  
  Title: Developmemt of Jute and Allied Fibre Informatics.  
  Investigator(s): A. K. Chakraborty (PI); A. K. Ghorai; R. K. De; C. S. Kar; M. K. Tripathi; A. K. Sharma; A. K. Jha; Shamna A.; K. Selvaraj and D. Barman  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ 4.0  
  Title: Development of low cost eco-friendly technologies for weed management in jute and mesta.  
  Investigator(s): A.K. Ghorai (PI); Mukesh Kumar; S. K. Jha; Shamna A.; G. Jagannadham and Amarjyoti P.  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ 5.0  
  Title: Improving water productivity of jute and mesta and its retting under low volume water.  
  Investigator(s): A.K. Ghorai (PI); D. K. Kundu; Amarpreet Singh; D. Barman; Sailesh Kumar and G. Jagannadham  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ 6.0  
  Title: Up scaling and refinement of microbila retting consortium and popularization of microbial formulation mediated retting among farmers.  
  Investigator(s): B. Majumdar (PI); A. R. Saha; S. Sarkar; S. K. Jha and S. K. Jha  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ 7.0  
  Title: Management of stem rot disease and major insect pest of jute.  
  Investigator(s): C. Biswas (PI); Kunal Mandal; S. Satpathy; R. K. De; S. K. Sarkar; B. S. Gotyal; K. Selvaraj; Ramesh Babu; S. P. Gawande and A. N. Tripathi  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ 8.0  
  Title: Refinement and up scaling of eco-friendly microbial degumming technology in ramie  
  Investigator(s): S. Mitra (PI); Kunal Mandal; Amarpreet Singh; S. P. Gawande and D. P. Roy (NIRJAFT)  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ 9.0  
  Title: Improvement of nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) in jute.  
  Investigator(s): S. Mitra (PI); Jiban Mitra; C. S. Kar; P. Satya; D. Saha; Mukesh Kumar and Amarpreet Singh  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ 10.0  
  Title: Seed quality enhancement for mitigating biotic and abiotic stresses in jute (Corchorus olitorius)  
  Investigator(s): A. Bera (PI); C. S. Kar; S. K. Sarkar and Mukesh Kumar  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ 11.0  
  Title: Whole Genome Sequencing of Dark Jute(Corchorus olitorius)  
  Investigator(s): D. Sarkar (PI); P. Satya; C. S. Kar and Jiban Mitra  
  Duration: 2013-17  

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Central Research Institute for Jute & Allied Fibres, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Barrackpore, Kolkata 700120, West Bengal (India)

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