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Research Projects
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Crop Improvement Division
  Code: JB1.1  
  Title: Introduction, maintenance, characterization and conservation of jute, mesta and flax germplasm.  
  Investigator(s): Anil Kumar, Dipnarayan Saha and Subhojit Datta  
  Duration: Long Term (since 1997)  

  Code: JB9.3  
  Title: Towards harnessing cell technological approaches for the enhancement of jute and allied fibre.  
  Investigator(s): A. B. Mondal, Kanti Meena and R. K. De  
  Duration: 2013-18  

  Code: JB9.4  
  Title: Utilization of pre-breeding materials for genetic improvement of jute and kenaf.  
  Investigator(s): Pratik Satya, S. K. Pandey and Maruti R. T.  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: JB 9.5  
  Title: Development of DNA fingerprint for varietal identification in jute.  
  Investigator(s): Jiban Mitra, C. S. Kar, and Anil Kumar  
  Duration: 2014-18  

  Code: JB9.6  
  Title: Evaluation and selection for high fibre yield and other diversified uses in roselle (H. sabdariffa).  
  Investigator(s): Anil Kumar, Maruti R. T. and A. R. Saha  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: JB 9.8  
  Title: Development of screening technique for prediction of jute fibre quality.  
  Investigator(s): C. S. Kar and Mukesh Kumar  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: JB 9.9  
  Title: Selection and evaluation of genotypes with high yield and quality in C. olitorius.  
  Investigator(s): C. S. Kar  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: JB10.0  
  Title: Genetic enhancement of kenaf using conventional and molecular approaches for fibre yield and quality improvement.  
  Investigator(s): S. K. Pandey, and Pratik Satya  
  Duration: 2015-20  

  Code: JB10.1  
  Title: Genetic improvement of jute genotypes to biotic stresses.  
  Investigator(s): Anil Kumar, Kunal Mondal and B. S. Gotyal  
  Duration: 2015-18  

  Code: JB10.2  
  Title: Genetics of self-incompatibility and development of improved fibre yielding populations in sunnhemp (Crotalaria juncea L.)  
  Investigator(s): Maruti R.T. and Subhojit Datta  
  Duration: 2015-18  

  Code: JB10.3  
  Title: Genetic improvement of flax (Linum usitatissimum) for higher fibre productivity and fibre quality.  
  Investigator(s): Jiban Mitra, D. Saha and Kunal Mondal  
  Duration: 2016-22  

  Code: JBT4.3  
  Title: Bio-prospecting of jute and allied fibre crops for disease and water associated stress signaling genes through computational characterization of micro RNA.  
  Investigator(s): A. B. Mondal, R. K. De and D. Sarkar  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: JBT4.4  
  Title: Development and utilization of resources for bioinformatics and database in jute and allied fibres.  
  Investigator(s): D. Saha, Subhojit Datta and Asim Kumar Chakraborty  
  Duration: 2015-18  

  Code: JBT4.5  
  Title: Genetic purity testing and varietal fingerprinting in mesta using molecular markers.  
  Investigator(s): Kanti Meena, Pratik Satya and S. K. Pandey  
  Duration: 2016-19  

  Code: JST6.1  
  Title: Estimation of competition effects in Jute-Mungbean intercropping system.  
  Investigator(s): Asim Kumar Chakraborty and A. K. Ghorai  
  Duration: 2016-18  

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Crop Production Division

  Code: JA5.6  
  Title: Assessment of productivity and nutrient management for selected jute based cropping system.  
  Investigator(s): Mukesh Kumar, A. K. Ghorai, S. Mitra and B. Majumdar  
  Duration: 2012-17  

  Code: JA5.9  
  Title: Eco-physiological studies for weeds in jute.  
  Investigator(s): Mukesh Kumar, A. K. Ghorai, S. Sarkar and D. K. Kundu  
  Duration: 2015-18  

  Code: JA6.9  
  Title: Prospect of growing medicinal and aromatic plants in jute and sisal based cropping system.  
  Investigator(s): M.S. Behera, S. Satpathy, D.K. Kundu, A.K. Jha and R.K. Naik  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: JC6.4  
  Title: Studies on combined efficacy of plant extracts with synthetic insecticides and fungicides against pest and diseases of jute and mesta.  
  Investigator(s): S. K. Sarkar and R. K. De  
  Duration: 2012-17  

  Code: JC6.6  
  Title: Pesticide residue analysis in soil, plant and water to identify environmentally safer molecules for jute and allied fibre production system.  
  Investigator(s): A. K. Ghorai, Mukesh Kumar and S.K. Sarkar  
  Duration: 2016-21  

  Code: JC6.7  
  Title: Study on extraction of useful bio-molecules from jute and sisal wastes.  
  Investigator(s): M. S. Behera, Mukesh Kumar, D.K. Kundu and A. K. Jha  
  Duration: 2016-19  

  Code: SLA1.6  
  Title: Use of drip irrigation for improving productivity of sisal based fruit-fibre system in central plateau region of India.  
  Investigator(s): M.S. Behera, D.K. Kundu and A.K. Jha  
  Duration: 2015-19  

  Code: JA5.7  
  Title: Conservation agricultural practices of jute based cropping systems under climate change scenario.  
  Investigator(s): R. Saha, M.S. Behera, Mukesh Kumar, A.R. Saha, B. Majumdar, S. Paul Mazumdar, D. Barman, D.K. Kundu and R.K. Naik  
  Duration: 2015-20  

  Code: JA6.7  
  Title: Use of jute fabrics and gunny bags in agricultural fields.  
  Investigator(s): A.K. Ghorai, D.K. Kundu and D. Barman  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: JA6.8  
  Title: Studies on the effect of salinity stress on capsularis and olitorius jute.  
  Investigator(s): M. Ramesh Naik, R.T. Maruthi, D. Barman, U.K. Mandal [ICAR-CSSRI (RRS)]  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: JA6.0  
  Title: Modelling carbon sequestration under jute based agro-ecosystem.  
  Investigator(s): A.K. Singh, S. Paul Mazumdar, D.K. Kundu, A.R. Saha, M.S. Behera and D. Barman  
  Duration: 2015-18  

  Code: JA7.2  
  Title: Soil health characterization and carbon sequestration potential in ramie based cropping system in Eastern India.  
  Investigator(s): Sonali Paul Mazumdar  
  Duration: 2016-19  

  Code: JAE3.4  
  Title: Development of manual multi-crop seed drill and dry land weeder for Gangetic alluvial soil.  
  Investigator(s): R.K. Naik, A.K. Ghorai, S. Sarkar and S.K. Jha  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: JA7.0  
  Title: Quantification of carbon balance in jute-rice based cropping systems.  
  Investigator(s): P. Bhattacharyya, R. Saha, M.S. Behera, D. Barman, S.P. Mazumdar, B. Majumdar, S. Mitra, A.R. Saha, D.K. Kundu and A.K. Nayak (ICAR-NRRI, Cuttack)  
  Duration: 2016-21  

  Code: JA7.1(DSS)  
  Title: Climate change risk assessment in jute production and related advisory services through Decision Support System.  
  Investigator(s): D. Barman, P. Bhattacharyya, P. Satya, K. Selvaraj, A.K. Singh, A.K. Chakraborty, R. Saha, S. Paul Mazumdar, Shamna A. and S. Mitra  
  Duration: 2016-21  

  Code: JA5.8  
  Title: Studies on ribbon retting methods for quality fibre production in jute and mesta.  
  Investigator(s): R.K. Naik, B. Majumdar, S. Paul Mazumdar and R. Naik  
  Duration: 2015-18  

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Crop Protection Division
  Code: JM8.6  
  Title: Molecular detection and management of mesta yellow vein mosaic virus.  
  Investigator(s): V. Ramesh Babu and S.K. Pandey  
  Duration: 2014-18  

  Code: JM8.3  
  Title: Studies on variability and management of Macrophomina phaseolina infecting jute.  
  Investigator(s): R.K. De and C.S. Kar  
  Duration: 2012-17  

  Code: JM8.5  
  Title: Basic studies to understand process of stem rot disease development in jute.  
  Investigator(s): K. Mandal, C. Biswas and C.S. Kar  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: JE1.8  
  Title: Studies on the role of VOCs conferring host plant resistance in jute.  
  Investigator(s): B.S. Gotyal, Rajasekhara Rao (ICAR-CTCRI, Bhubanewsar), S. Satpathy and V. Ramesh Babu  
  Duration: 2015-17  

  Code: JE1.9  
  Title: Bio-ecology and management of sucking pests in jute.  
  Investigator(s): S. Satpathy, B.S. Gotyal and K. Selvaraj  
  Duration: 2016-21  

  Code: JM8.8  
  Title: Studies on entomopathogenic endophytes for pest management in jute with special reference to Lecanicillium lecanii.  
  Investigator(s): C. Biswas and S. Satpathy  
  Duration: 2015-18  

  Code: JE1.6  
  Title: Preliminary studies on sex pheromones of major insect pests of jute and allied fibre crops.  
  Investigator(s): V. Ramesh Babu, B.S. Gotyal and S. Satpathy  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: JE1.7  
  Title: Impacts of elevated temperature, carbon dioxides on crop-pest interaction in jute.  
  Investigator(s): K. Selvaraj, B.S. Gotyal and V. Ramesh Babu  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: JM8.7  
  Title: Investigation on diseases of mesta seed crop and seed health testing.  
  Investigator(s): S.K. Sarkar and Amit Bera  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: JM9.0  
  Title: Development of IPM module for jute.  
  Investigator(s): R.K. De, K. Selvaraj and Shamna A.  
  Duration: 2015-20  

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Agricultural Extension

  Code: JEXA5.3  
  Title: Impact of improved jute production technologies on farmers’ economy in major jute growing districts of West Bengal.  
  Investigator(s): S.K. Jha, S. Kumar, Shamna, A, S. Sarkar and Asim Kumar Chakraborty  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: JEXA5.4  
  Title: An analysis on outcome of technological interventions under TSP in Makaltala.  
  Investigator(s): Shamna, A, S. K. Jha, S. Kumar and S. Sarkar  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: JEXA5.5  
  Title: Agro-economic studies on the effect of technological interventions on livelihood of selected tribal farmers of Dakshin Dinajpur.  
  Investigator(s): S. Sarkar  
  Duration: 2015-17  

  Code: JEXA5.6  
  Title: Analysis on adoption of selected CRIJAF technologies.  
  Investigator(s): S. Kumar, Shamna, A and S. K. Jha  
  Duration: 2015-17  

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Sunnhemp Research Station, Pratapgarh

  Code: SNHA2.2  
  Title: Effect of weed management practices and nitrogen on growth and fibre yield of flax  
  Investigator(s): S. Mitra  
  Duration: 2015-18  

Sisal Research Station, Bamra
  Code: SLM1.0  
  Title: Studies on disease distribution, intensity and identification of sources of resistance against Phytophthora spp. causing zebra disease of sisal (Agave sisalana).  
  Investigator(s): A. K. Jha, S. Sarkar and R. K. De  
  Duration: 2012-17  

Ramie Research Station, Sorbhog
  Code: RB1.0  
  Title: Collection, maintenance and evaluation of ramie germplasm.  
  Investigator(s): Monu Kumar and Amarpreet Singh  
  Duration: Long Term  

  Code: RB2.4  
  Title: Development of high yielding genotypes with enhanced fibre quality through hybridization.  
  Investigator(s): Monu Kumar and Amarpreet Singh  
  Duration: Long Term (since 2013)  

  Code: RB2.5  
  Title: Development of improved cultural and weed management practices to enhance productivity of ramie.  
  Investigator(s): S. Mitra, , S. Sarkar, and B. Majumdar  
  Duration: 2018-19  

Central Seed Research Station For Jute And Allied Fibres, Budbud
  Code: BSP 1.0  
  Title: Breeder seed production of jute, mesta and sunnhemp.  
  Investigator(s): C. S. Kar and A. Bera  
  Duration: Long Term  

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  Externally Funded Projects  
  Code: MSP (Mega Seed Project)  
  Title: Seed production in agricultural crops and fisheries.  
  Investigator(s): C. S. Kar, Amit Bera, S. Biswas and A. K. Jha  
  Duration: Long Term  

  Code: DAC  
  Title: Protection of jute varieties and DUS testing  
  Investigator(s): Amit Bera  
  Duration: Long Term  

  Code: AICRP - LTFE : JC5.2  
  Title: To study changes in soil quality, crop productivity and sustainability under jute-rice-wheat cropping system.  
  Investigator(s): D. K. Kundu  
  Duration: Long Term  

  Code: AICRP - STCR : JC5.6  
  Title: Soil test and resource based integrated plant nutrient supply system for sustainable agriculture.  
  Investigator(s): A. R. Saha  
  Duration: Long Term  

  Code: AICRP - STCR : JC5.6A  
  Title: Long term effect of ST-TY equation based INM on yield, value addition, nutrient budgeting and quality of soil under jute-rice-lentil sequence.  
  Investigator(s): A. R. Saha  
  Duration: Long Term  

  Code: RKVY  
  Title: Geo-spatial approach to study of agri-horti intercropping model in red & laterite soil of West Bengal.  
  Investigator(s): D. Barman (PI)  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: BRNS  
  Title: Induction and characterization of tossa jute (Corchorus olitorius) mutants for fibre yield attributes and quality parameters.  
  Investigator(s): Anil Kumar  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: NFSM  
  Title: Commercial crop-jute.  
  Investigator(s): C. S. Kar  
  Duration: 2014-17  

  Code: ICAR-NPTC (Subproject 3082)  
  Title: Herbicide tolerance in jute.  
  Investigator(s): Subhojit Datta  
  Duration: 2015-17  

  Code: ICAR-NPTC (Subproject 3070)  
  Title: Genome sequencing and functional genomics of bast fibre quality.  
  Investigator(s): D. Sarkar  
  Duration: 2015-17  

  Code: ICAR-Extramural Project  
  Title: Introgression of stem rot resistance from wild jute to cultivated olitorius through wide hybradization.  
  Investigator(s): Anil Kumar  
  Duration: 2016-17  

  Code: ICAR-Extramural Project  
  Title: Application of engineered nano-particles in controlling Rhizoctonia/Macrophomina phaseolina : Sub Project.  
  Investigator(s): C. Biswas  
  Duration: 2016-17  

  Code: MSME  
  Title: IP facilitation centre for jute products and other regional handicrafts of West Bengal.  
  Investigator(s): C. Biswas  
  Duration: 2016-21  

  Code: DST  
  Title: Natural Resource Management for Climate Smart Jute Farming through Capacity Building of Scheduled Caste Farmers in West Bengal.  
  Investigator(s): A. K. Singh  
  Duration: 2016-19  

  Code: DST  
  Title: Development of an efficient in vitro micro-propagation protocol for production of healthy propagules in ramie (Boehmeria nivea L. Gaud) as planting material for enhanced productivity in sustainable scale.  
  Investigator(s): A. B. Mondal  
  Duration: 2016-19  

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  Technology Mission on Jute  
  Code: TMJ1  
  Title: Development of high yielding and better quality jute genotypes by integrating conventional and advanced strategies.  
  Investigator(s): P. Satya  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ2  
  Title: Genetic enhancement of jute and mesta for drought response and fibre quality.  
  Investigator(s): Jiban Mitra  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ3  
  Title: Developmemt of Jute and Allied Fibre Informatics.  
  Investigator(s): Asim Kumar Chakraborty  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ4  
  Title: Development of low cost eco-friendly technologies for weed management in jute and mesta.  
  Investigator(s): A.K. Ghorai  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ5  
  Title: Improving water productivity of jute and mesta and its retting under low volume water.  
  Investigator(s): A.K. Ghorai  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ6  
  Title: Up scaling and refinement of microbila retting consortium and popularization of microbial formulation mediated retting among farmers.  
  Investigator(s): B. Majumdar  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ7  
  Title: Management of stem rot disease and major insect pest of jute.  
  Investigator(s): C. Biswas  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ8  
  Title: Refinement and up scaling of eco-friendly microbial degumming technology in ramie  
  Investigator(s): S. Mitra  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ9  
  Title: Improvement of nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) in jute.  
  Investigator(s): S. Mitra  
  Duration: 2013-17  

  Code: TMJ10  
  Title: Seed quality enhancement for mitigating biotic and abiotic stresses in jute (Corchorus olitorius)  
  Investigator(s): Amit Bera  
  Duration: 2013-17  

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Central Research Institute for Jute & Allied Fibres, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Barrackpore, Kolkata 700120, West Bengal (India)

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