Dr. Maruthi, R.T.


Plant Genetics


Collection, characterisation, evaluation, multiplication and distribution of jute and allied fibre germplasm; Identification of high yielding calyx type roselle genotypes and their nutrient profiling for diversified applications; Population improvement for improved fibre yield and genetic studies to understand the breeding behaviour of Sunnhemp.



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  1. Evaluation and selection for high fibre yield and other diversified uses in roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa)
  2. Genetics of self-incompatibility and development of improved fibre yielding populations in sunnhemp (Crotalaria juncea L.)
  3. Introduction, maintenance, characterization and conservation of jute, mesta and flax germplasm
  4. Genetic improvement of jute genotypes against biotic stresses
  5. Investigations on crossing barriers in inter-specific crosses in the genus Crotalaria


  1. Junior Research Fellowship by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi during (2007)
  2. Senior Research Fellowship by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi during (2009)
  3. Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship by University Grants Commission, New Delhi during (2010)
  4. Young Scientist Award by Venus International Foundation, Chennai during (2016)

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