Dr. Asesh Kumar Ghorai

Principal Scientist & In-Charge


Integrated weed management of jute using different approaches like cultural (smothering by green gram and high density jute sowing), chemical (by different herbicides) and mechanical means (using CRIJAF Nail Weeder and CRIJAF Herbicide applicator). Dissemination of technologies on jute green and gram (1:1) and intercropping, and use of gunny bags for vegetable production in anaerobic rice field to increase land productivity, farmers’ income, improving water productivity and improve soil health. I am also engaged in dissemination of drought management technologies on jute and mesta and its insitu retting in low volume water and composting of farm wastes to avoid GHG emission by technics developed at ICAR-CRIJAF with the help of Deptt. of Agril.Govt. of WB.


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  1. Integrated weed management and low density jute sowing to increase its net return minimizing manpower requirements in different major operations. (In House Project)
  2. Improvement of soil carbon stocks and farm productivity through integrated crop management practices in jute cultivation areas: A farmers’ participatory approach. (In House Project)
  3. Climate Variability vis-à-vis Jute-based Cropping System in West Bengal- An Appraisal based on Farmers’ Perspective. (In House Project)
  4. Development of multi-crop manual seed drill and dry land weeder for Gangetic Alluvial soil. (In House Project)
  5. To study changes in soil quality, crop productivity and sustainability under jute-rice-wheat cropping system LTFE. (In House Project)
  6. Development of low cost and eco-friendly integrated weed management technologies for jute. (In House Project)


  1. Registration obtained from IPR for “Agricultural Weeder with Nail Assembly” Design No.289754, 13-09-2019
  2. Commercialised “ CRIJAF Herbicide Applicator”
  3. Commercialised “CRIJAF Nail weeder”
  4. Total Royalty earned from Sl. No.2&3 Rs.28 lakhs (approx.)

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