Dr. Asit B. Mandal

Principal Scientist (PB)

Plant Breeding


Towards harnessing cell technological approaches for enhancement of jute and allied fibres in which elaborate experiments have been conducted to optimize in vitro culture system for profuse plantlet regeneration especially in jute and flax for ultimate use in transgenic research for value addition especially lepidopteran insect pest tolerance. Furthermore, floral dip transformation protocol has been optimised in jute and flax to dispense economically important gene/s in this two important fibre crops.


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  1. Development of an efficient in vitro micropropagation protocol for production of of healthy propagules in ramie (Boehmeria nivea) as planting material for enhanced productivity at sustainable- scale. 2016-2019. Sanctioned by DST. Govt of West Bengal. (Grant:20 lakhs)
  2. Natioal-PDF Project: Development of transgenic flax enndowed with a bio plastic gene- polyhydroxy butytate for therapeutic use to cure chronic wound. 2017-2019. Sanctioned by SERB, DST, New Delhi . (Grant:19.2 lakhs)
  3. Towards harnessing cell technological approaches for enhancement of jute and allied fibres


  1. INSA Visiting Fellow (1994-95)
  2. ICAR Team Work Award (1991-93)
  3. DBT Overseas Associateship (2003-04)
  4. Hari Om Asharam Trust Award (biennium 2002-2003)
  5. Life Time Achievement Award from ASA, Port Blair (2016)

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