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Circular / Office Order / Notice File No. Date Link
For COVID19 the Institute and its RSs/ KVKs shall remain close for a period of 21 days 5(1)/Covid/2019-20/-Part(1) 24.03.2020 View
Implement preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 5(1)/Covid/2019-20/-Part(1) 23.03.2020 View
Submission of Imprest position as on 31st March 2020 within 25th March, 2020. AAO/DDO/2019-20/10467 13.03.2020 View
Corrigendum for Tender Opening Committee and Technical and Financial Evaluation Committee. 13(11)/2019-20/10422 07.03.2020 View
Committee for organising monthly seminar / talk at ICAR-CRIJAF. 2(1)/Adm.I/2019-20/10416 06.03.2020 View
Biometric Attendance (EABAS) put on hold upto 15/04/2020 or until further order. Adm.I/EABAS/2019-20/10410 06.03.2020 View
Dr. Jiban Mitra, PS and Head, Improvement will look after day-to-day work of Dr. Gouranga Kar, Director during his absence. 2(1)/2017-Adm.I/10402 05.03.2020 View
GPF subscription of employees during the financial year 2020-21. 2(N-II)/2019-20/10398 05.03.2020 View
Sri Ashish Madan Pitre, Technical Assistant, attached to Agricultual Engineering Section, ICAR-CRIJAF is entrusted to assist Incharge, Civil. 2-17/2019-20/ 03.03.2020 View
Modification of PME Cell 13(11)/2019-20/10360 02.03.2020 View
Reconstitution of PME Cell 13(11)/2019-20/10344 29.02.2020 View
Office Order relating to Pay fixation of Skilled Supporting Staff. 2(1)/Adm.I/2019-20/10211 20.02.2020 View
Modification of earlier office order F.No.13(11)/2019-20/10199 dated 19.02.2020 13(11)/2019-20/10222 21.02.2020 View
Hiring charges of Dining Hall / Lawn booking of ICAR-CRIJAF headquarters, Barrackpore. 19(C-II)/Guest House/2019-20/10209 20.02.2020 View
Office Order regarding TOC and TFEC 13(11)/2019-20/10204 19.02.2020 View
Office Order regarding various committees 13(11)/2019-20/10199 19.02.2020 View
Adoption of Room Rent charges (per day) in respect of various types of accommodation at ICAR Institutes Guest House. 19(C-II)/Guest House/2019-20/9935 28.01.2020 View
Notice regarding the appointment under Compassionate ground at ICAR-CRIJAF. 2(20)/2017-18/9857 22.01.2020 View
Election of employees' representative of Grievance Committee for Scientists. ERGC/2018-19/9780 15.01.2020 View
Part time Medical Officers (2020-21) 2(36)/2019-20/4499 02.01.2020 View
Guidelines on Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for maintenance of Farm Activities. 2-44/Admn.I(SOP)/2019-20/4400 24.12.2019 View
Seniority list of Administrative Staff 2(19)/2017-18-Admin.1/3786 11.11.2019 View
Award of job contract for miscellaneous agricultural and allied works for ICAR-CRIJAF . 17-12/Pur./19-20/1620 25.07.2019 View
Dr.Surja Kumar Sarkar,Principal Scientist, Corp Protection Division as Liasion Officer 13(11)/KVK/2019-20/1614 25.07.2019 View
Appointment of Dr. Ritesh Saha, Principal Scientist as Vigilance Officer of ICAR-CRIJAF. 13(11)/2018-19/1542 23.07.2019 View
Maintenance of list / information of trainings conducted at the institute for submission to Dr. S. Sarkar, P.S. (Agronomy), Crop Production Division. DC/4-1/2019-20/910 15.06.2019 View
Signing authorities of the Institute approved by Director, ICAR-CRIJAF 2(1)/2017-Admin.I/2017-18/905 14.06.2019 View
Nomination of Link Officers for looking after the work in absence of regular Officer 2(1)/2017-Admin.I/2017-18/902 14.06.2019 View
Award of ARC for Genome Services for CRIJAF HQ, KVK's and Research Stations. 17-43/S/2019-20/Seq/363 10.05.2019 View
Award of ARC for supply of Chemicals / Glassware / Plasticware and other consumables etc. 17-43/P&S/2019-20/352 09.05.2019 View