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Circular / Office Order / Notice File No. Date Link
IJSC Meeting to be held on 31st July 2018. IJSC/CRIJAF/18-19/01 19.07.2018 View
Rate Contract with BR BIOCHEM LIFE SCIENCES PVT. LTD., New Delhi for supply of chemicals for the period ending 31st March 2019. 17-43/PS/18-19/5569-74 18.07.2018 View
Joining of Dr. N. M. Alam, Scientist (Agril. Statistics) to ICAR-CRIJAF. 25(71)/2018-19/5536-46 17.07.2018 View
Newly constituted Institute Joint Staff Council (IJSC) in respect of ICAR-CRIJAF. 13(2)/2018-19/5480-94 16.07.2018 View
Promotion order for the technical personnel of ICAR-CRIJAF and KVK, Bud Bud. 2(7)A/2018-19/5103-17 07.07.2018 View
ARS Study Leave Regulation Rules - 1991. 2(4)A/2018-19/5087-97 07.07.2018 View
The provisions for The Institute Grievance Committee. 13(11)/2018-19/4956-57 06.07.2018 View
Elected members of the Institute Grievance Committee. 13(11)/2018-19/4709-16 02.07.2018 View
Wearing of uniforms during office hours / official duties for the staff getting dress allowance. 5(12)/2018-19/Liveries/4632 29.06.2018 View
Contribution of Children's books for the library. 2-1/CLD_LIB/2018-19/4314-31 25.06.2018 View
AGM of JARI Employees Coop. Credit Society Ltd. to be held on 12th July 2018 at CRIJAF-BC Kundu Auditorium / Lecture Hall. JARI/ECCSL/02 25.06.2018 View
URGENT meeting of Staff Welfare Fund Committee in the meeting room of ICAR-CRIJAF. 13(2)A/2018-19/4175 22.06.2018 View
Celebration 4th International Yoga Day on 21st June 2018 at ICAR-CRIJAF. AAO-Misc./2018-19/3938 19.06.2018 View
Nominations for election of employee's representative on Grievances Committee for three electoral constituencies. ERGC/2018-19/3439 15.06.2018 View
OPD / IPD treatment at Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata for the personnel of ICAR-CRIJAF borne on regular establishment. 2-41/2018-19/3338 13.06.2018 View
Overall activity monitoring of Sunnhemp Research Station, Uttar Pradesh and Ramie Research Station, Assam by ICAR-CRIJAF Scientists. DC/4-3/2018-19/3286-95 13.06.2018 View
OPD / IPD treatment at Durgapur, West Bengal for the Group 'A' officers of ICAR-CRIJAF. 2-41/2018-19/3297 13.06.2018 View
Training and demonstration on improved microbial retting of jute / mesta by ICAR-CRIJAF. Jute-ICARE/2018-19/3179 11.06.2018 View
Nomination of candidate for contesting of Election for staff representative of Institute Joint Staff Council (IJSC) at ICAR-CRIJAF. 13-2/IJSC/2018-19/3153 08.06.2018 View
OPD / IPD treatment at Durgapur, West Bengal for the Group 'A' officers. 2-41/2018-19/2963 06.06.2018 View
CORRIGENDUM: Annual Medical Examination for the Group 'A' officers. AHC/Adm.I/2018-19/2781 01.06.2018 View
URGENT meeting called for recently constituted Staff Welfare Fund Managing committee. 13(2)A/2018-19/2699-709 31.05.2018 View
Terms and Condition for Annual Medical Examination for Group 'A' officers. AHC/Adm.I/2018-19/2698 31.05.2018 View
Vacant Administrative & Technical Post to be filled up on transfer on permanent absorption basis at ICAR-CRIJAF. 2(9)/2018-19/2493 29.05.2018 View
Constitution of Institute Grievance Committee of ICAR-CRIJAF. 13(11)/2018-19/2334-40 25.05.2018 View
Procedure for seeking medical treatment at ICAR-CRIJAF empanelled hospital/diagnostic centers. 2-41/2018-19/2235 24.05.2018 View
Filling up of one Group 'C' post of non-technical nature under compassionate ground. 2(20)/2017-18/ 21.05.2018 View
OPD and IPD treatments of ICAR-CRIJAF personnel (borne on regular establishment). 2(41)/2018-19/1757 18.05.2018 View
Meeting of Staff Welfare Fund Management Committee on 18.05.2018 at 11:00 am. 13(2)A/2018-19/1669-80 15.05.2018 View
Staff Welfare Fund Management Committee. 13(2)A/2018-19/1614-18 11.05.2018 View
Change of CPIO under RTI Act 2005. RTI/AAO-II/2018-19/1293-99 07.05.2018 View
Nominations for election of employee's representative on Grievances Committee for four electoral constituencies. ERGC/2018-19/1300 07.05.2018 View
Welfare Officer of ICAR-CRIJAF. 2-43/2018-19/1266-70 07.05.2018 View
Annual Performance Assessment Report (APAR) Scientists of ICAR Institutes. ICAR 07.05.2018 View
Reconstitution of Estate & Maintenance Committee for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan activities of ICAR-CRIJAF. 19(C-III)/Works/General/18-19/1246-50 05.05.2018 View
Annual Medical Examination for Group 'A' Officers of Central Civil Services. AHC/Adm.I/2018-19/770 20.04.2018 View
Reconstitution of the Estate & Maintenance Cell (EMC) of ICAR-CRIJAF. 19(C-III)/Works/General/18-19/751-55 19.04.2018 View
Promotion of Scientists of ICAR-CRIJAF. 2-4/CAS/17-18/562-73 16.04.2018 View
ATR of 57th meeting of IJSC held on 14.02.2018. 13(2)/2018-19/369 10.04.2018 View
New HRD cell formation. 335-38 09.04.2018 View
Working Hours of Farm / Technical / TSCL Staff of ICAR-CRIJAF. 175 05.04.2018 View
Undertaking for implementation of 7th CPC in respect of Scientific personnel of the Council. 133 03.04.2018 View
Incentive Scheme for doing work in HINDI. 31.03.2018 View
Regarding Hindi Cell of ICAR-CRIJAF. 6357 26.03.2018 View
Assessment Committee Report for Technical Personnel of ICAR-CRIJAF. 24.03.2018 View
Provisional Combined Seniority List of Administrative staff of ICAR-CRIJAF. 2(19)/2017-18-Adm.I/6010 22.03.2018 View
Implementation of Dress Allowance to Gr. C and Gr. D employees. 5(12)/2017-18/3963 20.02.2018 View
Updated Committees. 13(11)/2017-18/3501-06 14.02.2018 View
Reporting and Reviewing Officers. 2(33)/2017-18/3332 12.02.2018 View
Monthly monitoring of Research Stations. DC/4-3/2017-18/3294-96 12.02.2018 View
Link Officers to look after the duties. 2(1)/2017-Admn.I/2017-18/3212-13 12.02.2018 View
Joining of Dr. Asit Kumar Singha, M.B.B.S., D.G.O. to the post of part time Medical Officer at CSRSJAF,Burdwan. 2(36)/2017-18/3166-71 07.02.2018 View
Rename of designation of all Sub-Station Heads. PA/CAO/2017-18/2902 16.01.2018 View
Mr. A. Basumatary, Technical Officer to act as Incharge, RRS, Sorbhog, Assam. 2(17)/2017-18/2800 09.01.2018 View