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Absence of I/C, Electrical, Civil or Estate, Sh.Ashish Madan Pitre, Technical Assistant, ICAR-CRIJAF will act as second link officer 2(1)/2018-19-Adm.-I/13852 15.03.2019 View
AMC contract for Fire extinguishers of ICAR-CRIJAF 2(1)/2018-19/Adm.-1/13695 06.03.2019 View
Preparation of Annual Training Plan for 2019-20. 8(1)/Training/2018-19/13655 02.03.2019 View
परिपत्र - हिन्दी कार्यशाला दिनांक 20/03/2019 को आयोजित करने के संबंध में । 5(डी-VII)/2018-19/13864 16.03.2019 View
Consolidated empanelled hospital / diagnostic centre list as on 15.03.2019 2-41/2018-19 15.03.2019 View
संस्थान, इसके उपकेन्द्रों तथा कृषि विज्ञान केन्द्रों में हिन्दी में कार्य करने के लिए प्रोत्साहन योजना कारगर ढंग से लागू करने के बारे में । 5(डी-VIII)/2018-19/13815 15.03.2019 View
Circular for Grievance Redressal Officer 13(3)/2018-19/13775 12.03.2019 View
Seniority List of Administrative Staff 2(19)/2017-18-Admin.l/13773 12.03.2019 View
circular on medical card 2-1/Admin./Misc./2018-19/13745 08.03.2019 View
Circular regarding Seniority List of TSCL 2(9)/TSCL/2018-19/13708 07.03.2019 View
Circular for regular employees of their G.P.F and IT deduction of the year 2019 -2020 2(N-II)/18-19/13707 07.03.2019 View
Corrigendum regarding SCSP committee 20(14)/SCSP&TSP/2018-19/13701 06.03.2019 View
Circular for training program 2019-2020 8(1)/Training/2018-19/13655 06.03.2019 View
All the Pensioner/ Family Pensioners are informed that a friendly pensioner database has been prepared by Pension Authorizing Unit -14, ICAR-CRIJAF, Barrackpore 2-30/Admin.II/2018-19/13524 01.03.2019 View
Implementation of the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission relating to grant Transport Allowance to Central Government Employees 5(1)/2018-19/13420 26.02.2019 View
February 24, 2019 is declared as working day on the eve of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi program. 20(14)/SCSP & TSP/2018-19/13296 22.02.2019 View
Revised SCSP Implementation committee of ICAR-CRIJAF, Barrackpore. 20(14)/SCSP & TSP/2018-19/13175 15.02.2019 View
Acceptance of joining of Sri Sudip Nandy in the post of Technical Assistant at ICAR-CRIJAF, Barrackpore. 27(88)-Per/2019/13142 12.02.2019 View
Transfer of Sri Arko Banerjee, Technician from CSRSJAF, Budbud to ICAR-CRIJAF HQ, Barrackpore. 27(87)-Per/2019/13139 12.02.2019 View
Transfer / Posting of Staff (SSS / Driver) at ICAR-CRIJAF, Barrackpore. 2(17)/2018-19/13017 11.02.2019 View
Programme schedule for celebration of Institute Foundation Day on 09.02.2019 at ICAR-CRIJAF, Barrackpore. 2(42)/2018-19/13082 08.02.2019 View
Celebration of Institute Foundation Day on 09.02.2019 at ICAR-CRIJAF, Barrackpore. 2(42)/2018-19/12445 08.02.2019 View
Revised remuneration of Part Time Medical Doctors of ICAR-CRIJAF HQ and Research Stations. 2(36)/2018-19/13050 06.02.2019 View
Correction of Circular No.2-41/2018-19 dated 15.12.2018. 2-41/2018-19/12931 31.01.2019 View
Updated consolidated empanelled hospital / diagnostic centre list as on 31.01.2019. 2-41/2018/---- 31.01.2019 View
Permission for scientists to attend AINP workshop during 14-15 Feb. 2019. 8(1)/2018(II)-Adm-I/12857 25.01.2019 View
Sri Avishek Barua promoted to the post of Upper Division Clerk w.e.f. 15.01.2019. 26(37)-Per/2011/12856 24.01.2019 View
Committee to visit & assess the facilities of M/S Bengal Biotech and Research manufacturing site. CRIJAF/ITMU31/12854 23.01.2019 View
Price enhancement proposal of Multi-row Seed drill (MRSD) as recommended by ITMC. CRIJAF/ITMU31/12853 23.01.2019 View
Consitution of ITMC cell. CRIJAF/ITMU31/12851 24.01.2019 View
Committee to review the facilities and production capacity of CRIJAF SONA by M/S West Bengal Pharmaceutical and Phytochemical Development Corporation Ltd. CRIJAF/ITMU31/12850 24.01.2019 View
Sri Sonu Kumar Suman, Assistant, Sisal Research Station has been transfered to ICAR-CRIJAF HQ, Barrackpore. 2(17)/2018-19/12806 23.01.2019 View
Release of EMD(s) against Tender No.52/2018-19 dated 30.10.2018. 19(C-III)/Works/Cable/2018-19/12799 22.01.2019 View
Hindi PRAVEEN course to start at ICAR-CRIJAF. 5(D-1)/2018-19/12742 19.01.2019 View
Updated contact details of Peerless Hospitex Hospital And Research Centre Limited, 360 Panchasayar, Kolkata - 700 094. 2(41)/2018-19/12556 14.01.2019 View
Provisional Seniority List of all administrative staff of thisinstitute. 2(19)/2017-18-Adm.I/12545 11.01.2019 View
Acceptance of joining and posting of Shri Arko Banerjee, Technician at CSRSJAF, BudBud under ICAR-CRIJAF. 27(87)-Per./2018/12543 11.01.2019 View
CORRIGENDUM : Office Order No. 12459 dated 09.01.2019. 27(86)-Per/2018/12536 10.01.2019 View
Acceptance of joining and posting of of Shri Ram Nivash Kumar, Technician to Sisal Research Station, Bamra under ICAR-CRIJAF. 27(86)-Per/2018/12459 09.01.2019 View
Release order of Sri Sandip Roy, Technical Assistant (T-3) to join at Sunnhemp Research Station, Pratapgarh under ICAR-CRIJAF. 27(77)-Per/2018-19/12482 09.01.2019 View
Notification of wait listed applicants as on 05.01.2019 for appointment on Compassionate ground in respect of ICAR-CRIJAF. 2(20)/2018-19/12322 05.01.2019 View
National Pension Scheme (NPS) information for TSCLs working ICAR Institutes. 13(7)/TSCL/2018-19/12273 03.01.2019 View
Acceptance of joining of Shri Paritosh Roy, Technician at ICAR-CRIJAF, Barrackpore. 27(85)-Per/2018/12255 02.01.2019 View
Acceptance of joining of Shri Ashish Madan Pitre, Technicial Assistant at ICAR-CRIJAF, Barrackpore. 27(85)-Per/2018/12252 02.01.2019 View
Acceptance of joining of Ms. Sharmila Sarkar, Technician at ICAR-CRIJAF, Barrackpore. 27(81)-Per/2018/12231 02.01.2019 View
Acceptance of joining of Sri Biswajit Biswas, Technician at ICAR-CRIJAF, Barrackpore. 27(79)/-Per/2018/12230 02.01.2019 View
Acceptance of joining of Ms. Farheen Banu, Lower Division Clerk at ICAR-CRIJAF, Barrackpore. 26(59)/-Per/2018/12229 02.01.2019 View
Joining of Sri Ravi Patra, Lower Division Clerk at Sisal Research Station, Bamra, Odisha under ICAR-CRIJAF, Barrackpore. 26(60)/Per/2018/12228 01.01.2019 View
Joining of Dr. Sk. Md. Azizur Rahman, Senior Scientist as Senior Scientist Cum Head, KVK, Budbud. 28(17)/2018-19/12169 29.12.2018 View
Numbering of different items including assets. 18-10/2018-Stores/12157 29.12.2018 View
Institute Staff Welfare Fund Management committee will also function as Institute Canteen Management Committee. 13(11)/2018-19/12155 29.12.2018 View
Shri Raktim Mitra, joined at ICAR-CRIJAF as Technical Assistant (T-3). 27(80)-Per/2018-19/12052 26.12.2018 View
Dr. Sourindra Kishore Bhattacharyya, T-4 has been promoted to Technical Officer (T-5). 2-7/2017-18/12058 26.12.2018 View
Dr. Tanmay Samajdar, Principal Scientist (Vety. and Extension Education) joined at ICAR-CRIJAF as Scientist-cum-Head, KVK, North 24 parganas under this institute. 29(01)-Per/2018-19/12011 22.12.2018 View
The term 'CGHS' mentioned in column 3 at Serial No. 11 of Circular dated 01.08.2018 may be read as 'DELETED'. 2(41)/2018-19/11755 14.12.2018 View
Joining of Ms. Pallavi Mandal, Techical Assistant (T-3) at ICAR-CRIJAF. 27(78)-Per/2018-19/11927 20.12.2018 View
Reschedule of working hours for two Skilled Supporting Staff of ICAR-CRIJAF. CRIJAF/Adm.I(Misc.)/2017-18/11926 20.12.2018 View
Deployment of one post of Assistant (DR) to KVK, North 24 Parganas, ICAR-CRIJAF. 18(19)/KVK-II/2018-19/11859 18.12.2018 View
Information requested for General Election to Lok Sabha 2019. 16(18)/2018-19/11838 17.12.2018 View
Consolidated empanelled hospital / diagnostic centre list as on 15.12.2018. 2(41)/2018-19/ 15.12.2018 View
Holiday List for the year 2019 to be observed at ICAR-CRIJAF HQ, Four Research Stations and Two KVKs. 5(A-II)/2018-19/11748 14.12.2018 View
ICAR-CRIJAF will organise "Swachhta Pakhwada" during 16-31 December, 2018 including "Kisan Diwas" on 23th December 2018. DC/4-3/2018-19/11729 13.12.2018 View
Scheme detailing the Institute Award. 5(13)/2018-19/11687 12.12.2018 View
Sri Prahlad Singh, Administrative Officer nominated to act as Nodal Officer of Bio-Metric Attendance System (AEBAS) of ICAR-CRIJAF. Adm.I/AEBAS/2018-19/11673 11.12.2018 View
Joining of Shri Sandip Roy to the post of Technical Assistant (T-3) at ICAR-CRIJAF, Barrackpore. 27(77)-Per/2018-19/11642 10.12.2018 View
Nomination of Scientists for participation in the brainstorming session at ICAR-CIFRI, Barrackpore on 04.12.2018. 5(1)/2017-18/11319 03.12.2018 View
Relieve of Mr. Kajal Das, Scientist (Agronomy) & Incharge, Ramie Research Station, Sorbhog, Assam for training at UBKV, Pundibari, Cooch-Behar. 25(72)/-Per/2018-19/11250 30.11.2018 View
IPD treatment for personnel / pensioners and their dependents of Ramie Research Station, Sorbhog, Assam at ASG Eye Care (A unit of ASG hospital Pvt. Ltd.), GS Road, Guwahati. 2(41)/2018-19/11268 30.11.2018 View
IPD treatment for personnel / pensioners and their dependents of Ramie Research Station, Sorbhog, Assam at Woodland Hospital, Shillong. 2(41)/2018-19/11265 30.11.2018 View
Option form for switching over to new Technical Service Rules from old Technical Service Rules. 2(24)/2018-Adm.I/11295 30.11.2018 View
Promotion order of Technical personnel of KVK, Burdwan under ICAR-CRIJAF. 2(7)/2018-19/11244 29.11.2018 View
Handing Taking over of files related to GeM & e-Procurement of ICAR-CRIJAF. 17(56)/P&S/2018-19/11220 29.11.2018 View
Relieve of Mr. Shivakumar K. V., Scientist, Incharge, Sunnhemp Research Station, Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradeh for training at ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru. 25(73)/Per/2018-19/11177 28.11.2018 View
Acceptance of joining of Mr. Shivakumar K. V., Scientist as Incharge, at Sunnhemp Research Station, Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradeh under ICAR-CRIJAF. 25(73)/Per/2018-19/11169 27.11.2018 View
ENDORSEMENT for clarification on availability of option for fixation of pay on promotion from DNI regarding. GAC-21-39/2017/CDN 27.11.2018 View
Acceptance of joining of Mr. Kajal Das, Scientist at Ramie Research Station of ICAR-CRIJAF. 25(72)/Per/2018-19/10937 22.11.2018 View
Charge of Incharge ICAR-CRIJAF-AKMU. 2(17)/2018-19/10924 20.11.2018 View
Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP) scheme to Sri Gopal Chandra Dey, Assistant of ICAR-CRIJAF. 2(42)/MACP/2018-19/10830 17.11.2018 View
Implementation of 7th C.P.C. to the Temporary Status Casual Labourers (TSCL) w.e.f. 01.01.2016 of ICAR-CRIJAF. 13(7)/TSCL/2018-19/10846 17.11.2018 View
Three days training program on "Health Management and Good Office Practice" for Skilled Supporting Staff of ICAR-CRIJAF. 8(1)/2018(II)-Adm.I/10638 12.11.2018 View
Nominations for annual award to Scientific, Technical, Administrative and Supporting staff of ICAR-CRIJAF. 5(13)/2018-19/9569-71 12.11.2018 View
Promotion order of Senior Scientists / Scientists of ICAR-CRIJAF. 2-4/CAS/2018-19/10542 08.11.2018 View
Three days training program on "Health Management and Good Office Practice" for Skilled Supporting Staff of ICAR-CRIJAF. 8(1)/2018-19/10434 05.11.2018 View
Link Officer to look after the charge of ICAR-CRIJAF Guest House. 19(C-II)/2016-17/10428 05.11.2018 View
Implementation of 7th CPC to the Casual Labourers with Temporary Status of this institute. 13(7)/2011-12/10343 02.11.2018 View
Financial awareness program at Lecture Hall of ICAR-CRIJAF by Welcon Financial Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata. 8(3)/2018-19/10323 01.11.2018 View
Bank signatories of Sunnhemp Research Station, Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh. 1-1/A&A/2018-19/10269 30.10.2018 View
Concluding Session of "Vigilance Awareness Week-2018" on 03.11.2018 at ICAR-CRIJAF. 16(1)/2018-19/10223 27.10.2018 View
Observance and pledge on the eve of "Rashtriya Ekta Diwas - National Unity Day" on 31st October 2018 at ICAR-CRIJAF. 5(1)/2017-18/10178 25.10.2018 View
CORRIGENDUM of Office Order dated 15.10.2018. 16(1)/2018-19/10096 22.10.2018 View
Observance of "Vigilance Awareness Week - 2018" during 29.10.2018 to 03.11.2018 at ICAR-CRIJAF. 16(1)/2018-19/10081 15.10.2018 View
Submission of Affidavits and other requisite information for one post of Non-Technical Group-C Compassionate Appointment at ICAR-CRIJAF. 2(20)/2018-19/10084 15.10.2018 View
Posting of Mr. Shivakumar K. V., Scientist (Plant Pathology) to Sunnhemp Research Station, Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Mr. Kajal Das, Scientist (Agronomy) to Ramie Research Station, Sorbhog, Assam. 2-16/2018-19/10037-38 11.10.2018 View
Joining of Mr. Shivakumar K. V., Scientist (Plant Pathology) and Mr. Kajal Das, Scientist (Agronomy) at ICAR-CRIJAF. 2-16/2018-19/10005-6 09.10.2018 View
Consolidated Empanelled hospital / diagnostic centre list. 2-41/2018-19/ 09.10.2018 View
Provisional MERIT and RESERVE list of LDC (DR) Examination 2016 in respect of ICAR-CRIJAF. 2(9)/2018-19/LDC/9972 06.10.2018 View
Nominations invited for election of employee's representative on Grievances Committee for one electoral constituency from Scientific employees of ICAR-CRIJAF. ERGC/2018-19/9952 05.10.2018 View
Relevant information required for Tax Calculation at source during financial year 2018-19. Income Tax/DDO-Bill/18-19/9934 04.10.2018 View
Commemorating 150th birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi for a period of two years from 2nd Oct. 2018 to 2nd Oct. 2020. 5(1)/2018-19/9869 01.10.2018 View
OPD / IPD treatments for children (upto 18 years) at Institute of Child Health, Kolkata. 2(41)/2018-19/9819 29.09.2018 View
Proforma to fill up for monthly meeting with Pensioners organized every month at ICAR-CIFRI, Barrackpore 2(30)/Adm-II/2018-19/9828 29.09.2018 View
Nomination of Administrative Officer, as member of all committees of the ICAR-CRIJAF. 13(11)/2014-15/8205 30.08.2018 View
Celebration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October 2018 by ICAR-CRIJAF. 5(1)/2017-18/980 28.09.2018 View
Proceeding of 38th Meeting of the CJSC, held on 27th April, 2018 at NASC, Complex New Delhi. ICAR 25.09.2018 View
Filling Up of Administrative posts on deputation basis at ICAR-CRIJAF. DC(4-3)/2018-19/9010 12.09.2018 View
Activities to observe "SWACHHTA HI SEVA" campaign by ICAR-CRIJAF during 15.09.2018 to 02.10.2018 DC(4-3)/2018-19/9010 12.09.2018 View
Committees for the celebration of "HINDI PAKHWADA 2018" at ICAR-CRIJAF during 14-28.09.2018 5(D-VII)/2018-19/8842-60 10.09.2018 View
Personnel information required to make Telephone Directory of ICAR-CRIJAF. 13(2)/2018-19/8323-28 01.09.2018 View
HINDI Pakhwada and Program. 5(D-VII)/2018-19/8170 30.08.2018 View
Security measures within the Institute Campus for information and compliance. Security/CRIJAF/2018-19/Adm-I/8147 29.08.2018 View
सरकारी काम-काज हिन्दी में करने के लिए प्रोत्साहन योजना। 5(डी -VIII)/18-19/8112 28.08.2018 View
Sri Prahlad Singh, Administrative Officer to act as the Nodal Officer for coordinating with the Project Implementation Team / NICSI for all project related activities of ICAR-CRIJAF. 2(24)/A/2017-Adm-I/18-19/7975-81 27.08.2018 View
Association of Dr. M. S. Behera, PS into different activities of ICAR-CRIJAF. 13(2)/2018-19/7960-70 25.08.2018 View
OPD and IPD treatments at RG Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital, Kolkata. 2(41)/2018-19/7437 17.08.2018 View
As per ICAR Endorsement F.No. GAC-21(57)2018-CDN dated 17th August 2018, ICAR-CRIJAF HQ, Barrackpore and its all regional stations / KVKs will remain closed during the second half of 17.08.2018 to pay HOMAGE to former Prime Minister Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. 5(A-II)/2017-18/7425 17.08.2018 View
Pledge on the eve of "Sadbhavana Diwas" on 20.08.2018 at 11:00 Hrs. at ICAR-CRIJAF. 5(1)/2018-19/7378 16.08.2018 View
Recommendations of the Assessment Committee for assessment of eligible Technical Personnel under ICAR-CRIJAF. 2(7)/2018-19/7184-95 13.08.2018 View
Nominations invited for election of employee's representative on Grievances Committee for one electoral constituency from Scientific employees of ICAR-CRIJAF. ERGC/2018-19/71545 10.08.2018 View
Link Officer for Chief Administrative Officer. 2(1)/2017-18/6919-27 08.08.2018 View
Joining of Mr. Prahlad Singh, Administrative Officer to ICAR-CRIJAF. 26(58)-Per/2018-19/6866-80 07.08.2018 View
Selection of players for ICAR-Zonal Sports Meet (Eastern Region). 20(7)/2018-19/6659 03.08.2018 View
Proceedings of the meeting of Institute Annual Award Committee, ICAR-CRIJAF. 5(13)/2018-19/6607 03.08.2018 View
Consolidated empanelled hospital / diagnostic centre list. 2(41)/2018-19/ 01.08.2018 View
Inclussion of the Secretary (Staff Side), IJSC, ICAR-CRIJAF or his/her nominee as a member of the Sports Committee. 13(11)/2018-19/6479-88 31.07.2018 View
Committee for selection of participants in the ICAR Zonal Sports Tournament 2018. 20(7)/2018-19/5755-59 20.07.2018 View
IJSC Meeting to be held on 31st July 2018. IJSC/CRIJAF/18-19/01 19.07.2018 View
Rate Contract with BR BIOCHEM LIFE SCIENCES PVT. LTD., New Delhi for supply of chemicals for the period ending 31st March 2019. 17-43/PS/18-19/5569-74 18.07.2018 View
Joining of Dr. N. M. Alam, Scientist (Agril. Statistics) to ICAR-CRIJAF. 25(71)/2018-19/5536-46 17.07.2018 View
Newly constituted Institute Joint Staff Council (IJSC) in respect of ICAR-CRIJAF. 13(2)/2018-19/5480-94 16.07.2018 View
Promotion order for the technical personnel of ICAR-CRIJAF and KVK, Bud Bud. 2(7)A/2018-19/5103-17 07.07.2018 View
ARS Study Leave Regulation Rules - 1991. 2(4)A/2018-19/5087-97 07.07.2018 View
The provisions for The Institute Grievance Committee. 13(11)/2018-19/4956-57 06.07.2018 View
Elected members of the Institute Grievance Committee. 13(11)/2018-19/4709-16 02.07.2018 View
Wearing of uniforms during office hours / official duties for the staff getting dress allowance. 5(12)/2018-19/Liveries/4632 29.06.2018 View
OPD / IPD treatment at Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata for the personnel of ICAR-CRIJAF borne on regular establishment. 2-41/2018-19/3338 13.06.2018 View
Overall activity monitoring of Sunnhemp Research Station, Uttar Pradesh and Ramie Research Station, Assam by ICAR-CRIJAF Scientists. DC/4-3/2018-19/3286-95 13.06.2018 View
OPD / IPD treatment at Durgapur, West Bengal for the Group 'A' officers of ICAR-CRIJAF. 2-41/2018-19/3297 13.06.2018 View
OPD / IPD treatment at Durgapur, West Bengal for the Group 'A' officers. 2-41/2018-19/2963 06.06.2018 View
CORRIGENDUM: Annual Medical Examination for the Group 'A' officers. AHC/Adm.I/2018-19/2781 01.06.2018 View
Terms and Condition for Annual Medical Examination for Group 'A' officers. AHC/Adm.I/2018-19/2698 31.05.2018 View
Procedure for seeking medical treatment at ICAR-CRIJAF empanelled hospital/diagnostic centers. 2-41/2018-19/2235 24.05.2018 View
OPD and IPD treatments of ICAR-CRIJAF personnel (borne on regular establishment). 2(41)/2018-19/1757 18.05.2018 View
Staff Welfare Fund Management Committee. 13(2)A/2018-19/1614-18 11.05.2018 View
Change of CPIO under RTI Act 2005. RTI/AAO-II/2018-19/1293-99 07.05.2018 View
Nominations for election of employee's representative on Grievances Committee for four electoral constituencies. ERGC/2018-19/1300 07.05.2018 View
Welfare Officer of ICAR-CRIJAF. 2-43/2018-19/1266-70 07.05.2018 View
Annual Performance Assessment Report (APAR) Scientists of ICAR Institutes. ICAR 07.05.2018 View
Reconstitution of Estate & Maintenance Committee for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan activities of ICAR-CRIJAF. 19(C-III)/Works/General/18-19/1246-50 05.05.2018 View
Annual Medical Examination for Group 'A' Officers of Central Civil Services. AHC/Adm.I/2018-19/770 20.04.2018 View
Reconstitution of the Estate & Maintenance Cell (EMC) of ICAR-CRIJAF. 19(C-III)/Works/General/18-19/751-55 19.04.2018 View
Promotion of Scientists of ICAR-CRIJAF. 2-4/CAS/17-18/562-73 16.04.2018 View
ATR of 57th meeting of IJSC held on 14.02.2018. 13(2)/2018-19/369 10.04.2018 View
New HRD cell formation. 335-38 09.04.2018 View
Working Hours of Farm / Technical / TSCL Staff of ICAR-CRIJAF. 175 05.04.2018 View
Undertaking for implementation of 7th CPC in respect of Scientific personnel of the Council. 133 03.04.2018 View
Incentive Scheme for doing work in HINDI. 31.03.2018 View
Regarding Hindi Cell of ICAR-CRIJAF. 6357 26.03.2018 View
Assessment Committee Report for Technical Personnel of ICAR-CRIJAF. 24.03.2018 View
Provisional Combined Seniority List of Administrative staff of ICAR-CRIJAF. 2(19)/2017-18-Adm.I/6010 22.03.2018 View
Implementation of Dress Allowance to Gr. C and Gr. D employees. 5(12)/2017-18/3963 20.02.2018 View
Updated Committees. 13(11)/2017-18/3501-06 14.02.2018 View
Reporting and Reviewing Officers. 2(33)/2017-18/3332 12.02.2018 View
Monthly monitoring of Research Stations. DC/4-3/2017-18/3294-96 12.02.2018 View
Link Officers to look after the duties. 2(1)/2017-Admn.I/2017-18/3212-13 12.02.2018 View
Joining of Dr. Asit Kumar Singha, M.B.B.S., D.G.O. to the post of part time Medical Officer at CSRSJAF,Burdwan. 2(36)/2017-18/3166-71 07.02.2018 View
Rename of designation of all Sub-Station Heads. PA/CAO/2017-18/2902 16.01.2018 View
Mr. A. Basumatary, Technical Officer to act as Incharge, RRS, Sorbhog, Assam. 2(17)/2017-18/2800 09.01.2018 View
Revised Committees and Cells / incharges / Nodal Officers of ICAR-CRIJAF. 13(11)/2017-18/165 02.08.2017 View
Dr. Madhusudan Behera, Principal Scientist, Crop Production, nominated as Transparency Officer of ICAR-CRIJAF. A.O./Misc.(RTI)/2015-16/8690-94 07.11.2015 View