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Approved bilingual logo of the institute regarding. 5(1)/2019-20/ 06.08.2020 View
संस्थान द्वारा “राजभाषा पत्रिका” का तृतीय अंक प्रकशन हेतु परिपत्र जारी करने के संदर्भ में। 5(D-VI)/हिंदी पत्रिका/2020/10876 04.08.2020 View
The Institute and its Research Stations & KVKs will remain closed as per Govt. of West Bengal Order No.287-CS/2020 dated 03/08/2020. 5(1)/Covid/2019-20/ 04.08.2020 View
सरकारी काम-काज मूल रूप से हिन्दी में करने के लिए प्रोत्साहन योजना के तहत पुरस्कार हेतु प्रविष्टियां मंगवाने के संबंध में। 5(डी-VIII)/2020-21/10868 31.07.2020 View
Revised rates of Licence Fee for various types of Residential Quarters of ICAR-CRIJAF Hqrs., its four sub-stations including KVKs. 19(C-II)/2019-20/(e-53131) 29.07.2020 View
Office Order regarding bilingual logo - reg. 5(1)/Admin.I/2019-20/ 27.07.2020 View
Nominations for election of employee's representative on Grievances Committee for Scientific, Administrative, Technical and Supporting category. 13(3)/2018-19/10795 13.07.2020 View
Office Order for In-Charge, Crop Improvement Division, ICAR-CRIJAF - reg. 2-4/Estt.ARS/2019-20/10680 16.06.2020 View
Office Order regarding charge of Director in case regular Director is on leave,official tour , deputation etc - reg. 2(1)Admin.I/2020-21/ 11.06.2020 View
Sh. Subrata Bhattacharyya, AAO, Adm.I, ICAR-CRIJAF will act as Nodal Officer, GeM in place of Sh. Ravi Mishra, AAO(Purchase), ICAR-CRIJAF with immediate effect. 2(1)/Adm.I/2020-21 04.06.2020 View
Change of nomination of Women Complaint Committee to Internal Complaint Committee 13(11)/20-21/10636 03.06.2020 View
The Biometric Attendance system (AEBAS) at the Institute and its Research Stations and KVKs will be in abeyance till further orders in order to contain the spread of COVID-19. Adm.I/AEBAS/2019-20/ 19.05.2020 View
Link Officers / Nodal Officers w.e.f. 01.06.2020 in view of superannuation of Sh. Prahlad Singh, Administrative Officer on 31.05.2020. 2(1)/Admn.I/2020-21/ 19.05.2020 View
Validity of the medical cards issued by ICAR-CRIJAF will be extended till 31.05.2021 or date of retirement whichever is earlier. 2-1/Adm-II/Misc./MedicalCard/2019-20 18.05.2020 View
Physical attendance and working arrangements at the Institute are hereby made with immediate effect till 31st May, 2020 or until further orders. 5(1)/Covid/2019-20/(Part-3) 19.05.2020 View
Dr. Sitangshu Sarkar, Principal Scientist, appointed as Vigilance Officer of ICAR-CRIJAF. 16(1)/Admn.I/2019-20/ 12.05.2020 View
Reporting of physical attendance through AEBAS system for personnel of regular cadres/ categories. Adm.I/AEBAS/2019-20/ 08.05.2020 View
Annual Health Checkup for "Group-A" or equivalent officers of 40 years of age and above of the Institute under GGHS/CS(MA) empanelled hospital (AMRI, Salt Lake, Kolkata, applicable for this Institute). AHC/Adm.I/2020-21/ 04.05.2020 View
Office order regarding reconstitution PME Committee 13(11)/2020-21/ 04.05.2020 View
The working arrangements as enumerated in the Office order of even number dated 21.042020 shall continue till 17th May, 2020 or such date as may be decided by the Government or until further orders. 5(1)/Covid/2019-20/(Part-3) 01.05.2020 View
ICAR-CRIJAF canteen shall remain closed with immediate effect for containing the spread of COVID-19 and maintaining social distancing until further order. Indent/Pur./19-20-Part(2) 29.04.2020 View
Office order regarding working arrangement of ICAR-CRIJAF during lockdown (Phase II) period due COVID 19 till 3rd May, 2020 5(1)/Covid/2019-20/(Part-3) 21.04.2020 View
ICAR-CRIJAF including all its sub-stations and KVKs across the country will remain closed on 14.04.2020 on account of birthday of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. 5(1)/2019-20/ 12.04.2020 View
For COVID19 the Institute and its RSs/ KVKs shall remain close for a period of 21 days 5(1)/Covid/2019-20/-Part(1) 24.03.2020 View
Implement preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 5(1)/Covid/2019-20/-Part(1) 23.03.2020 View
Submission of Imprest position as on 31st March 2020 within 25th March, 2020. AAO/DDO/2019-20/10467 13.03.2020 View
Corrigendum for Tender Opening Committee and Technical and Financial Evaluation Committee. 13(11)/2019-20/10422 07.03.2020 View
Committee for organising monthly seminar / talk at ICAR-CRIJAF. 2(1)/Adm.I/2019-20/10416 06.03.2020 View
Biometric Attendance (EABAS) put on hold upto 15/04/2020 or until further order. Adm.I/EABAS/2019-20/10410 06.03.2020 View
Dr. Jiban Mitra, PS and Head, Improvement will look after day-to-day work of Dr. Gouranga Kar, Director during his absence. 2(1)/2017-Adm.I/10402 05.03.2020 View
GPF subscription of employees during the financial year 2020-21. 2(N-II)/2019-20/10398 05.03.2020 View
Sri Ashish Madan Pitre, Technical Assistant, attached to Agricultual Engineering Section, ICAR-CRIJAF is entrusted to assist Incharge, Civil. 2-17/2019-20/ 03.03.2020 View
Modification of PME Cell 13(11)/2019-20/10360 02.03.2020 View
Reconstitution of PME Cell 13(11)/2019-20/10344 29.02.2020 View
Office Order relating to Pay fixation of Skilled Supporting Staff. 2(1)/Adm.I/2019-20/10211 20.02.2020 View
Modification of earlier office order F.No.13(11)/2019-20/10199 dated 19.02.2020 13(11)/2019-20/10222 21.02.2020 View
Hiring charges of Dining Hall / Lawn booking of ICAR-CRIJAF headquarters, Barrackpore. 19(C-II)/Guest House/2019-20/10209 20.02.2020 View
Office Order regarding TOC and TFEC 13(11)/2019-20/10204 19.02.2020 View
Office Order regarding various committees 13(11)/2019-20/10199 19.02.2020 View
Adoption of Room Rent charges (per day) in respect of various types of accommodation at ICAR Institutes Guest House. 19(C-II)/Guest House/2019-20/9935 28.01.2020 View
Notice regarding the appointment under Compassionate ground at ICAR-CRIJAF. 2(20)/2017-18/9857 22.01.2020 View
Election of employees' representative of Grievance Committee for Scientists. ERGC/2018-19/9780 15.01.2020 View
Part time Medical Officers (2020-21) 2(36)/2019-20/4499 02.01.2020 View
Guidelines on Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for maintenance of Farm Activities. 2-44/Admn.I(SOP)/2019-20/4400 24.12.2019 View
Seniority list of Administrative Staff 2(19)/2017-18-Admin.1/3786 11.11.2019 View
Award of job contract for miscellaneous agricultural and allied works for ICAR-CRIJAF . 17-12/Pur./19-20/1620 25.07.2019 View
Dr.Surja Kumar Sarkar,Principal Scientist, Corp Protection Division as Liasion Officer 13(11)/KVK/2019-20/1614 25.07.2019 View
Appointment of Dr. Ritesh Saha, Principal Scientist as Vigilance Officer of ICAR-CRIJAF. 13(11)/2018-19/1542 23.07.2019 View
Maintenance of list / information of trainings conducted at the institute for submission to Dr. S. Sarkar, P.S. (Agronomy), Crop Production Division. DC/4-1/2019-20/910 15.06.2019 View
Signing authorities of the Institute approved by Director, ICAR-CRIJAF 2(1)/2017-Admin.I/2017-18/905 14.06.2019 View
Nomination of Link Officers for looking after the work in absence of regular Officer 2(1)/2017-Admin.I/2017-18/902 14.06.2019 View